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Total Video continues to provide its services to top notch producers and broadcasters from established programs and channels. Our company is trusted by the following names in the broadcasting and news industry.

Our Guests

Helen Burns bonds with Sadie, the presidential dog at the George Bush Library during a taping of "Fox News Sunday" with Tony Snow.

Multi-camera shoot for CSPAN.

Nelson Mandela at the Baker Insitute at Rice University.

Multi-camera shoot for CSPAN.

George Bush for Fox News Sunday with Tony Snow.

First live interview following his leave of the President's office.

Eric Cain, George Foreman, and Helen Burns at TVi during live shot for CNN

Neil Armstrong and crew during a live broadcast for RIA Italian Television. Also participating: Pope John Paul II at mission control.

Geraldo Rivera and Kent Schaffer during TVi hosting the "Geraldo Rivera Show" on CNBC.

Jesse Jackson shaking hands with Eric Cain after appearing on Good Morning America.

Glen Lunney - NASA Pioneer.

LoveLine's Dr. Drew appearing at TVi during nation-wide media tour.

Greta Van Susteren appearing for CNN, "Burden of Proof".

Rusty Harden - Legal Eagle.

Helen Lucaitis appearing for Court TV.

Jesse Jackson relaxes before his broadcast at TVi.

Don Clark, former Head of FBI, Houston during the Rafael Resendez-Ramirez nation-wide man hunt.

Former Secretary of State James Baker III and his lovely wife, Susan, kindly pose for a picture during one of their many appearances facilitated by TVi for network television.

Geraldo Rivera posing with his TVi crew.

George and Barbara Bush posing with their TVi crew after appearing on Fox News Sunday with Tony Snow at the George Bush Presidential Library.

Julie Payette, Canadian Astronaut

John Major, Prime Minster of England during the Gulf War

Robert Mosbacher Senior, Former Secretary of Commerce under the Bush Administration during one of his many appearances at TVi

Charles Barkley recieves make-up before his live broadcast with ESPN.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee.

Senetor Ted Cruz on Fox News Sunday.